TCU Majors/Minors


TCU has a wealth of majors and minors from which to choose. If you are unsure where to start, view the Major Generalizations worksheet. If you have taken the Strong Assessment in Career Services, view the Holland Codes worksheet.

Choosing A Major:

  • In what courses have I done well?

Review your Degree Progress Report.  Consider the courses you have enjoyed.  What was it that piqued your interest? Was it the content, the professor, the projects, etc.? These could be clues to possible majors, minors or areas of interest.  It could also reveal your best way to learn.

  •  What are my strengths?

Have you taken StrengthsQuest or any of the career assessments offered through Career Services—  The assessments can open your mind to career fields you never knew existed.  Strengths, skills, and values can all be assessed through these instruments and lead you in the direction of an area of study.

  • Which career field(s) best suit my interest?

Often you have an idea of what type of work you could see yourself doing.  Do you like working with your hands?  With other people?  Working outdoors?  Having a flexible schedule?  Investigating or problem solving?  Items such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook— list various careers available.  Investigate fields of interest by volunteering or interning.  Shadow a person for the day to see what activities take place.  Speak to a professor that teaches in that field to get an academic picture of what is required.

  • Which areas of study available do NOT interest me?

Look at the available major options through each College/School at TCU.  Cross off the majors in which you have no interest.  Place the remaining majors aside to compare with your strengths and interests.

  • Can I fulfill the requirements of this major in my designated timeline?

 Often there are majors you would like to choose but for some reason cannot finish in a timely    manner.  Consider other majors and/or minors that will help you build a similar skill set.

  • Are the courses required for this major of interest to me?

Review the major/minor you are considering carefully.  Read the course descriptions for the required classes and any associated requirements.  Speak to professors about course expectations.  Make sure you are well aware of the academic requirements and that you are able to meet them.






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